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9 Duke Street, Kingston, Jamaica

Phones: (876) 922-5211, 922-6493

Fax: (407) 309-3462


J. R. MAIS & ASSOCIATES Limited, is a
multi-disciplinary land surveying and real estate consulting
firm with a thirty-five year history in Jamaica and  Florida,
USA. Our principal business is the planning, management and
execution of Subdivision Design and setting out, Cadastral
surveys, Engineering surveys, Topographic Surveys, Bathymetric,
GPS surveys, Mapping and other special purpose surveys. 

J. R. MAIS & ASSOCIATES Limited, utilise a
combination of sound project management, modern data
acquisition, communications and processing to expedite all
projects we undertake. We have the necessary equipment and
personnel to do undertake most small or large scale land
surveying and related projects.


John R. Mais,  our Principal, has been involved in
the planning and implementation of survey projects for the last
thirty four years. He served  abroad (Miami, Florida) in the
capacity of Survey Projects manager for POST BUCKLEY SCHUH &
JERNIGAN Inc. (Consulting Engineers & Land Surveyors), as well
as with BISCAYNE ENGINEERING Inc. He founded J. R. MAIS &
ASSOCIATES in 1961 and opened a branch office in Miami, Florida
in 1987.

He has been managing the surveying and mapping
component of the North Coast Highway Improvement project funded
jointly by the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) and the OECF (Japan)
amongst others. For this large project, he introduced and
customised the state-of-the-art data collecting (Global
Positioning Systems GPS) and survey information management
(Electronic Field to Office Data Communications).

NOEL K. BROWN, Associate, is Field Surveys supervisor
has had many years of experience in various types of surveys. He
has experience in most of the state of the art equipment,
including Total Stations, data collectors, computers. He has
been a surveyor  in training, and will be completing the land
surveying examination in 1997/ 1998.

GEO GRAPHICS Limited is subsidiary of J. R. MAIS &
ASSOCIATES. The company was formed in 1994, as a subsidiary, to
concentrate on GIS/LIS mapping, GPS surveys and Engineering
Surveying services.

The following selected summaries describes some of
the experiences of the firms in project management and technical

2.Some major Projects worked on

Northern Jamaica Development Project

Consulting Engineering and Land Surveying for 225 Km
of new and improved Highway construction in three segments,
along the North Coast, Negril to Port Antonio, Jamaica


Stanley Consultants Inc. for the Government of Jamaica

In a joint venture with ADeB Consultants Ltd.
(ADeB/MAIS JOINT VENTURE), JRM&A were retained by Stanley
Consultants, Inc. to be the Land Surveyors and local consultants
for the project, and to carry out the following:

Land Surveying consultants for overall project

Design and execute the setting up of a control
network for photogrammetric mapping as well as setting out the
routes for highway construction

Project Elements

The elements of this project include:

Establishing a control network for 225Km of proposed
Highway improvement, Negril to Port Antonio, using GPS
technology. More detailed control for photogrammetric mapping
was established using Total Stations. Supplemental ground
surveys were performed for specific areas affected by tree
cover, using Total Stations and data collectors.

Collection of all survey information required for
topographic mapping, engineering design and land transactions

Delivery of survey information  to Clients in digital format.

Innovative Techniques

The establishment of the permanent survey control
along the north coast will augment the survey information
database kept by the Survey Department. The database will be
made available to the Survey Department for use in the local
Land Titling project as well as to other surveyors.

Reading Heights Development, Montego Bay, Jamaica


Jamaica Mutual Properties Ltd.

The Reading Heights Development is located
approximately 4 miles Southwest of the resort city of Montego
Bay. The client  is investing JA$600m on this project, which
seeks to provide middle income residential solutions to the
people of Montego Bay and its environs. The development consists
of some 600 residential and commercial lots. Full surveying
services were provided, including subdivision design,
engineering surveys, final surveys and assistance in project

Drax Hall Resort Development, St. Ann, Jamaica


Drax Hall Ltd.

Drax Hall Estate comprises two separate large
developments for the residential resort property market the St.
Ann, Jamaica tourist area. This resort development is to have
facilities for a 27 hole Championship Golf Course, Convention
Centres, at least three large Beach front Hotels, Lakes and a
large man-made Marina. The firm provided all land surveying
services, including subdivision design (in conjunction with
Planning Consortium International), engineering surveys, legal
boundary surveys, and monitoring to project approval.

Parnassus and Halse Hall Banana Lands, Clarendon, Jamaica


Jamaica Producers and Ffyfes Group

The clients required information regarding the size
and condition of leaseable lands within the Parnassus and Halse
Hall banana lands to be divested by National Investment Bank on
behalf of the Government of Jamaica.. GIS techniques were used
to produce the relative information.

Vineyard Housing Development , St. Catherine, Jamaica

A project on the South-eastern coast containing 427
low middle income housing units.


Victoria Mutual Property Services Ltd.

Full land surveying services were provided for this
development, including Cadastral, engineering, setting out for
construction and final surveys.

South Florida Housing Development, Homestead, Florida.

200 Housing units in South Florida, USA


Cutler Landings Inc.

Full land surveying services were provided for a
development containing 200 housing units in South Florida.

These included platting and engineering surveys, as
well as setting out for construction and final as built surveys.

Vista Del Mar, St. Ann, Jamaica

350 unit housing development, comprising Residential and 
Commercial lots. 


O. Maffessanti & Sons Ltd.

Full land surveying services, including design,
approval processing, engineering surveys, setting out,
consulting on construction of services, and final. 

City of Weston, Florida

and was Survey Project Manager for the development of lakes,
canals and road systems. This included the design and setting
out of other smaller subdivisions, two major Interstate
highways, I-75 and I-595. Many state-of-the-art surveying
techniques were employed. These included the use of Computers,
Total Stations, Fathometers.


Arvida Corporation (Florida's Largest Housing Developers)  

3.   Equipment

equipped with the following:

Survey Data Acquisition:

5 Total Stations with 3 Automatic Data collectors

4 Wild T16 Theodolites - 2 Wild T1 Theodolites

1 Wild T2 (Single Second) Theodolite

4 Topcon Precise Levels

Access to GPS equipment and software

Data Processing:

10 Computers ( 3x Laptops, 2x 586's, 6x 486's)

3 Laser Printers, 2 InkJet Printers

3 Epson ProPrinters, Canon Photocopier

Houston Instruments Pen Plotter, Calcom Inkjet Plotter

Envisions Scanner, Blue Print Machine



9 Duke Street, Kingston, JAMAICA

Phone: (809) 922-5211, 922-6493

Fax: (809) 922-6087  Email


1955 Graduated, St. George's College, Kingston, Jamaica.

1956-61 Land Surveying Courses, University of the
West Indies and Survey Department

Kingston, Jamacia

1961 Qualified as a Commissioned Land Surveyor (Jamaica).  

Management Courses - Jamaica Institute of Management.

Florida Real Estate Salesman's License.

Registered Land Surveyor #3493 - State of Florida.


Land Surveyors' Association of Jamaica.

American Congress on Surveying and Mapping.

American Society of Photogrammetry.

Past Associate, Institute of Architects and Surveyors (Gt. Britain).

Florida Surveying and Mapping Society


1982 to Present:  J. R. MAIS & ASSOCIATES Ltd -
Kingston, Jamaica

GEO GRAPHICS Limited - Kingston, Jamaica

President and Principal of Firms,  engaged in
Surveying and Consulting work for major and minor developers,
Government bodies, Institutions and others.  Some projects
include full surveying services including design, engineering
surveying and setting out to final, Denham/Hannah Town Urban
Redevelopment (some 2800 units), Drax Hall Resort Development in
St. Ann, Karlston Glade (530 units) in May Pen, Providence (430
units), Grange (510 units) and Reading Heights Housing (600
units) subdivisions and developments in Montego Bay, Norman
Manley International Airport - Geodetic surveys for  resetting
of landing lights and resurfacing runways & taxiway. Recent
hydrographic experience include beach improvement projects such
as Club Caribbean Hotel, Drax Hall Hotel and the Yallahs River
Marina develolpments.

1985-92 -J. R. MAIS & ASSOCIATES, INC. - Miami, Florida

President of firm engaged in miscellaneous small and
large surveys in the Florida area, especially topographical,
boundary, condominium surveys, subdivision surveys and design,
platting, engineering surveys and construction setting out, as
well as most other types of surveys.

1980-82 - BISCAYNE ENGINEERING CO. INC., Miami, Florida
Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors.
Project Surveyor for the development of the new city
of Broward County, Florida

Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors - Miami, Florida.
Position:- Survey Manager, Miami Regional Office.
Responsibilities:- Manager of all surveying projects
for the regional office of the firm which  controls eighteen
subsidiary offices.
Projects included surveys for Miami International
Airport Expansion, Hydrographic surveys for Port of Miami
Expansion Project (for the handling of larger ships such as the
SS NORWAY), Federal Flood Insurance Study for 360 square miles
in Georgia, USA, as well as miscellaneous plats and developments
in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.  Also worked on the
overhead Transit system for Miami and the planning work for the
I-75 Highway.   

1961-77 - MAIS DEAR & ASSOCIATES (formerly J. R. MAIS & ASSOCIATES) 
Land Surveyors - Montego Bay,  Jamaica.
Partner - The firm became the foremost land surveying
practice in Western Jamaica. It was Consultant to many
government agencies and private developers undertaking projects
that included photogrammetric, hydrographic, condominium,
construction layout, subdivision and other types of surveys.
Land Surveying services were provided for major projects such as
the Montego Freeport, deep water Harbour and Industrial
Development, Rose Hall, Ironshore and Tryall Resort
developments, Porto Bello Heights, Catherine Hall and Westgate
Hills Housing developments, as well as the city of Montego Bay
Sewage System and the major water supply from the Queen of
Spains Valley in Trelawny to Montego Bay.                       
1957-61 - Government Survey Department - Kingston, Jamaica
Working primarily on Triangulation and Geodetic
Control Surveys.


Real Estate sales, formerly with the Keyes Company, 
Realtors - Hollywood, Florida, 
and presently with David DeLisser & Associates Ltd. Kingston Jamaica.

Real Estate appraising for major lending institutions
Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Director of Real Estate Development Companies in Jamaica.
Managed Aerial Photogrammetry firm for over three
years in Kingston, Jamaica (MAIS STORY & PARTNERS).          
1985	University of Technology - Diploma in Land Surveying
1982	Graduated - William Knibb High School
1991 - present - J. R. Mais & Associates  Limited - Land Surveyors
Associate, Field Surveys Supervisor - in charge of
Field Surveys, including control surveys, cross sections for the
Northern Jamaica Highway Improvement Project, using state of the
art equipment such as Total Stations, GPS units. Also doing
general field and office work for subdivisions, setting out of
roads, lots, drainage, as well as topographic and hydrographic
1988 - 91 - Survey Department, Government of Anguilla, W.I. 
Supervising survey technicians performing cadastral,
engineering and topographical surveys on contract. 

1985 - 1988	J. R. Mais & Associates Limited -  Land Surveyors
Surveyor in Training - Field and Office work
performing many types of surveys, including Topographical,
Hydrographical, subdivision setting out for roadways, drainage,
engineering  and cadastral surveys, 

Denham Town Redevelopment Project - full surveying services

Drax Hall subdivision, Golf Course and Marina development 
engineering and setting out surveys.

Reading Heights subdivision, photo control,
engineering surveys and setting out roads and lots.

Yallahs River Mouth hydrographic survey for new Marina. 

Club Caribbean Hotel - hydrographic surveys for beach

Baileys Vale Housing Development - full topographical, 
engineering survey setting out of roads, drainage and units

Ministry of Education School Programme, topographical and 
boundary surveys for upgrading of schools around the Island.

Personal:Year of Birth: 1965
Nationality: Jamaican			
Education:University of Technology - Diploma in Land Surveying (1990)
Graduated - Kingston College  (1983)
Languages:English (Mother Tongue)
Position on Team:Field Surveys Supervisor
Experience Summary:
1993 - present  J. R. Mais & Associates, J. R. Mais & Associates
 Ltd. - Land Surveying
Field Surveys Supervisor - specialist in field
surveys, including, cross sections for the Northern Jamaica
Highway Improvement Project, using state of the art equipment
such as Total Stations, GPS units. Also doing general field and
office work for subdivisions, setting out of roads, lots,
drainage, as well as topographic and hydrographic work. 

Some Projects:
Northern Coastal Highway Improvement Project - 140
miles of proposed highway improvement - photo control surveys
and cross sections, using Total Stations and GPS

Drax Hall Resort development, St. Ann, an 800 Acre
residential resort development with Golf Course, Hotels, Marina,
single family lots, multi-family lots  - engineering surveys and
setting out for construction.

Vineyard Housing, St. Catherine - setting out 400
lots, roads, infrastructure.

Reading Heights subdivision, St. James - setting out
subdivision roads an services.

Site surveys (topographical and boundary traversing)
in various parts of Jamaica for Telecommunications of Jamaica

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