Stoeppelwerth and Associates, Inc.
Engineers and Surveyors
7965 E 106th St.
Fishers, IN, 46038

tel 317-849-5935
fax 317-849-5942

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Stoeppelwerth and Associates Inc. has been in business since 1962. 
We are in the process of completing construction of a new facility 
located in Fishers, Indiana, which we hope to move in to this Fall. 
Our company employs approximately 70 people including 8 to 10 
Field Survey Crews utilizing the latest in equipment technology. 

We specialize in land surveying and civil engineering services 
for residential, industrial and commercial developments. 

Our company has three primary departments: 

 Home Builders Services 
 Development Services 
 Land Survey Services 

Home Builders Services works with home builders on individual lots 
to do Plot Plans, Elevation Certificates and Surveyor Location Reports. 
This department also coordinates the staking of houses on the lots. 
Our clients include many nationally known builders as well as local 
production and custom home builders. 

Development Services works primarily with developers to develop tracts 
of land from fields to a completed development. This includes land planning, 
zoning assistance, preparation of construction plans, construction staking, 
and as-builts. 

Land Surveying Services performs Boundary and Topographic Surveys utilizing 
the latest equipment technologies.